A selection of photographs taken from the window of my London taxi.

The aim is to give the viewer an insight into my daily life around London.

When I have time I take photo’s with my Nikon D3000 camera, but many are taken on impulse with the camera on my HTC smartphone!

I hope you enjoy the photographs, please comment if there is anything you feel like saying!


7 comments on “About”

  1. Totally love the concept of your blog. If I had the energy I’d sponsor a meme on shots taken through car windows. But I don’t , so I’m happy to find yours.

  2. Great idea. Great pics. Great blog.
    Great pleasure, from France.

  3. Absolutely love your blog. Great pics that make me yearn to visit your fabulous city again soon! Thanks from Maine, USA

  4. I love this. For the faraway expat missing London, the little snippets from around town are a real treat. Cheers

  5. Hope to see some more pictures ! Thanks for the excellent views.

  6. Thank you so much for your pictures! We recently enjoyed our first (long anticipated) visit to London, and I’ve thought about every day since. I cannot wait to go back! Your pictures are a wonderful way to bring back some memories until I can be there again.

  7. You are hands down the most entertaining cab driver I have ever had…and clearly a talented photographer aswell. Lovely to meet you!

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